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Stella is a project initiated by enthusiastic women seeking to improve access to higher education and jobs for girls and women in Macedonia. The project connects women, especially in higher education and offers personal mentorship. Stella is also a hub for information about educational and professional opportunities. Through a number of town hall discussions around the country, we also initiate a nationwide dialogue about societal and structural challenges we must collectively address toward supporting girls and women in their future paths. We firmly believe in support and togetherness in developing our potential.

What we do

The professional and academic advancement of women and girls remains an important challenge around the globe. Macedonia, too, faces challenges in attaining gender equality. Access to higher education and the job market is particularly challenging for girls and women in the country. Such difficulties are even more pronounced for women and girls belonging to minority communities and there is a divide between progress made in the urban and rural areas in the country.

Stella offers a Women’s Mentorship Network and Town Hall Discussions organised in various municipalities across the country. By providing a one-on-one guidance and advice through the Women’s Mentorship Network, the mentees of this project will be supported through individual mentorship in pursuing further studies and/or jobs that best fit their interests. Through the Town Hall Discussions, Stella addresses not only gender equality, but also ethnic prejudices. It does so by bringing diverse speakers in municipalities to discuss systemic barriers. These discussions bring together members of the community to a constructive debate and working towards building lasting solutions. They include men, who are often missing around the table on gender equality debates.


Stella’s underlying objective is to contribute towards gender equality in Macedonia by ameliorating the access of girls and women to education and job opportunities. Bringing together women from different professional, ethnic, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, Stella aims to bridge multiple societal divides and serve as a good example for diversity.

Through the town hall discussions, Stella’s goal is to create a platform where women will give voice to the existing challenges and constraints in their educational and professional advancement in Macedonia, where men will partake in the debate as well, and where enduring solutions will be developed.

Equally importantly, steered by the Women Mentorship Network, Stella’s goal is to connect and help girls and women in Macedonia get empowered. Bringing together our lights, we will shine brighter and stronger.

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Unemployed women
Women with higher education
Women not active in the labor market
Women in leading positions in politics

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Project Coordinator

Natasha Ivanoska

Communication Manager and Mentorship Network Coordinator


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